You can thank us later – 2 ways to identify legit Uganda tour Companies

You can thank us later – 2 ways to identify legit Uganda tour Companies

Uganda tour companies are increasing in numbers and growing daily and night due to the growth of Ugandan tour industry. The challenge is for the tourists to identify a legit company and a fake one.

It takes understanding Uganda as a country and knowledge about how Ugandans operate businesses for you to be able to choose perfect tour operators from the list of Uganda tour companies especially if you have never been it Uganda and that is the objective of this article;

  1. Experience in the industry is key

Much as majority of people who operate Uganda tour companies are Ugandans and have grown up in Uganda, they lack enough experience on working with tours from abroad. It takes experience in the industry to enable tourists get value for their money. Some of the indicators of an experience tour operators include;  

  • They charge enough money for all activities;

Some Uganda Tour Companies pretend to charge little money yet actually they are cheating the tourists. Therefore, while spotting a Ugandan tour operator, you have to look at the prices they charge and determine if it is equivalent or more to the packages they provide because under normal circumstances, you cannot pay little and get more value.

  • Experienced legit Uganda tour companies are able to provide services all categories of tourists.

We are all sure that what a young couple is interested in is different from what old people are interested in. This is just one example but we can ride on this to derive the point right;

A reputable and experience tour company should have all packages for all categories of tourists. As a prospecting tourist, you must be able to identify the capacity of the tour operator by asking them a few questions that are related to the packages they have for different categories of tourists.

  • Have sufficient information about areas where they take their tourists

You will not believe that many tour operators in Uganda don’t have sufficient information about Uganda on their fingertips because their aim is not to support tourists explore Uganda, but to simply make money.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the pearl of Africa (Uganda) and get value for your money, you must spot Uganda tour companies which have relevant and sufficient information about all tourist attractions and Uganda in general.

Things to look out for to confirm that the company has information include;

  • Information about environment and climate

It is of critical importance to understand the environment and climate of a place you want to go to as a tourist because this enables you plan and carry things that can enable you have good health while on the trip. For example, the information below can guide you on the clothes to carry, and when to visit Ugandan.

Uganda climate is tropical warm with temperature ranging from 25-290C. Many of the mountainous areas in Uganda are cooler. There are three hottest months in Uganda; December, January and February.

All parts of Uganda except the Northern regions have   annual rainfalls of between 1000mm and 1500mm. heavy rainfalls in Uganda are between September and November and between March and May.

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The information continues…..

Am sure if Uganda tour companies provided this kind of information to a prospecting tourist, it will act as a guide for him/her to choose when to visit Uganda, which clothes to carry and very many other decisions.

  • Information about the security

We all know that all things can be replaced apart from life. Your life is important! You should always check in with the tour operators to understand the security status of Uganda to make a right decision and in case tour operators are unable to let you know, leave them and get let companies.

Final note on 2 ways to identify legit Uganda tour Companies

Most people are in business to make money but not to support clients get value for what they are paying. You have worked tirelessly to save money to visit Uganda. Don’t just lose your money. Tour Uganda with

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